At Clip News, we honored Tsiknopempti (a traditional celebration of the Greek Carnival season) for yet another year with food, drink, costumes, and dance. But what did the online data demonstrate about this celebration? This year we decided to study and analyze the data, and we laughed a lot with some of the results.


At a glance

With a quick glance at the online environment, the numbers showed that the world embraced the spirit of Tsiknopempti this year too! The 38,000 mentions on various internet platforms prove that this gastronomic celebration continues to captivate interest and provides an opportunity for a plethora of comments on social media: totalIn this particular analysis, we examined online data from the pioneer digital listening platform Brandwatch, covering various online sources such as news sites, blogs, Twitter (X), Facebook, forums, Reddit, and Tumblr. In this way, we gained a comprehensive view of how the tradition is reflected on the internet for the period of March 5-11.   


Significant buzz with Twitter (X) the leader

The topic of Tsiknopempti (March 7) mostly appeared from March 6 to March 8, as expected, while on the day itself, there was a real explosion of references on the internet and social media networks, which exceeded 20,000 in total! volume over time


A deep dive into the online data by our analysts showed that Twitter gathered over 15,000 references on the day of Tsiknopempti! News sites followed in second place with articles about the customs and traditions of the day of Tsiknopempti and the carnival in general. Facebook and the other examined online media platforms found themselves in a much lower buzz level: sources breakdown


Users on Twitter (Χ)

Posts from informative accounts and primarily user comments on Twitter (X) dominated with numerous retweets (RTs), wishes, and a significant dose of humor: twitter comments 1

It’s important to note that users highlighted the high cost for celebration in taverns and restaurants, as well as an excess in meat consumption by consumers on that day. Naturally, various comments set the tone for the current political climate: twitter comments 2


Vegetarian & Vegan VS Meat-lovers

The vegetarian/vegan diet gathered a significant percentage compared to other dishes. The references focused on maintaining traditions with menu adjustments, animal rights, and a general trend towards limiting/avoiding meat consumption for health reasons: SoV  


Festive mood

The following cloud includes a wide variety of emojis that reflect the festive mood prevailing on social media networks. The celebration of Tsiknopempti appears to mean much more than just the day’s menu, as a great emphasis is placed on entertainment, masquerades, and the spring getaways people dream of: emojis


Top Tweeters

Key influencers on Twitter were informative accounts with references to customs and dishes, related RTs from journalists, and a well-known chef with a large number of followers: top tweeters


In conclusion

The power of digital listening and media analysis tools gave us the ability to get a taste of “what people are saying” fast, easily, and with a comprehensive visualization of the data. Combining all the above, it’s clear that the celebration of Tsiknopempti was once again a trend in our country. Based on internet references and social media user comments, this day combines traditions with modern consumer trends, captures the festive mood prevailing in the middle of the carnival season, and offers an opportunity for entertainment and humor.  


Research Identity

Data collection platform: Brandwatch

Period: March 5-11, 2024

Online Media: news sites, blogs, Twitter (X), Facebook, Forums, Reddit, Tumblr

Keywording/Analysis: Clip News Team


The above analysis is an indicative approach, considering that a variation in sample and time frame could present a different picture of sizes.