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Clip News SA has been offering media monitoring services since 1992. It is the longest-lived monitoring company in Greece. It has offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and provides monitoring, reporting and analysis services from Print, Internet, Social Media, Television and Radio. In 2002, Clip News became the first Greek company to join FIBEP (International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies), offering media monitoring services from around the world. Our many years of experience, specialized staff and advanced information retrieval and analysis systems guarantee the excellent quality and high level of our services.


The services we provide are completely personalized to meet the needs of every subscriber. The search for information is conducted by a trained team of journalists, in combination with state-of-the-art technologies for image (OCR-Optical Character Recognition) and sound (VCR-Voice Character Recognition) conversion to text.


Our goal is your immediate and comprehensive information, with added value services. With the most experienced and qualified human resources in the field of media reporting & analysis, Clip News offers you innovative and essential Reporting and Analysis services of your publicity.
At Clip News we follow all the new developments in the field of media and journalism, participate in seminars and conferences and constantly train our staff to be ready to face the new challenges that arise through the evolution of the media.


We place special emphasis on the reliability of our partners. We choose to work with leading global companies in their field in order to be able to produce reliable services.

Since 2021 we are in an exclusive partnership with eMM, a leading company in TV and Radio monitoring. This enables us to offer Radio and TV monitoring services in nearly real time, only two minutes from the actual time of broadcast.

Since 2011 Clip News has been collaborating with the company Brandwatch, world leader in the field of online & social media intelligence. Since 2019, Clip News is the only company in Greece that offers Brandwatch services, giving its subscribers access to a pioneering platform for monitoring and analyzing their digital reports. Brandwatch offers significant insights and is used by the largest companies worldwide to draw safe and valuable conclusions about their publicity in the ever-changing landscape of digital and social media.


 In 2019, Clip News integrated the New Media Concept (NMC2)expanding the range of its services, with those of NMC2’s Data Reporting and Analysis & Actionable Insights, while including in its workforce the company’s experienced executives. Following the above integration, Clip News uses Media Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which offer you a complete package for monitoring and analyzing your publicity.


FIBEP - International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies

Clip News announced its official membership in the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) in December 2023.

The AMEC logo is considered an international symbol of excellence in communication measurement and evaluation services. The association advocates for certain principles, summarized as follows: Accuracy and Transparency, Comprehensive Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement.

Clip News’ participation in this prestigious global association confirms its commitment to providing high-level Media Analysis services and opens new paths for Communication, Public Relations, and Marketing professionals collaborating with the company.

FIBEP - International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies

Clip News joined FIBEP (International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies) in June 2002. FIBEP currently has approximately 120 members in more than 60 countries.

As a member of FIBEP, Clip News has access to all the developments in the media monitoring sector, offering the latest technological solutions and innovative products to its subscribers.

In 2011, Clip News organised the FIBEP’s 44th World Media Intelligence Congress in Thessaloniki. Clip News CEO Theofilos Argyriadis was elected Vice President of the Federation. During his term, he led the effort for the establishment of a worldwide standard for the creation of a “common technological language” for all media monitoring agencies.


OSDEL - Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works

Clip News was one of the first companies to enter the Media Monitoring Licensing programme of the Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works (OSDEL).

The said programme allows all parties involved to operate legally, with respect to the effort and to the investment Press professionals make in Greece.


The Smile of the Child

Clip News offers free monitoring services to “The Smile of the Child” organisation for the protection of children rights worldwide.   

Hellenic Rescue Team

Clip News actively supports the Hellenic Rescue Team, offering media monitoring services.  

Alma Zois

Clip News has been supporting the work of the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer «Alma Zois» since 2017, offering media monitoring services.


Alexander the Great International Marathon

Clip News SA is a media sponsor of every event of the Alexander the Great International Marathon, offering media monitoring services and sponsoring the participation of all its employees in this unique sport event!  

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