Services Clip News - Reporting & Analysis

Clip News Portal offers numerous options to its subscribers, who can access clipping services from all media sources, as well as a wealth of features to manage media data.

With flexibility and optimal user experience as its main features, Clip News Portal offers:

  • Login with different credentials for multiple users
  • An attractive interface in terms of colors and options layout
  • A complete display panel for clippings with snippets (title, excerpt) and actions
  • A list format menu for setting options, account management, help, and logout, creating more interaction space
  • A broad range of search methods in texts, titles, tags, and comments
  • The ability to select clippings for bulk actions directly from checkboxes, as well as the capability to open them during their selection
  • Filters (e.g., medium, date, keyword, etc.) for navigation through the clippings
  • Actions for more direct bulk processing (e.g., adding/removing tags, sentiment, favorites)
  • The creation of categories for grouping clippings
  • The ability for tagging editing (marking clippings with tags)
  • Sentiment Analysis (categorizing clippings as positive/negative/neutral)
  • Download in various formats (Word with active links, Word with images of the clippings, PDF, Excel, Xml)
  • Significant flexibility in setting an alert for 24/7 updates. Notifications can now include categories and/or keywords for one or more monitoring media sources. Additionally, the scheduling is set by the user for any desired period within the day.

Furthermore, Clip News Portal gives you the ability to automatically create reports with charts and pies, displaying the basic quantitative data of your publicity.

The IT department of Clip News works in the fields of artificial intelligence, constantly enriching Clip News Portal with new smart options, aiming for accuracy and time-saving, providing subscribers with substantial and targeted information.