Every visitor or user of our website and our services must carefully read and study the terms of use and the terms of service that follow, before visiting or using the pages and services offered on it and in case of a disagreement the user should not make use of them. Otherwise it is presumed that they accept them explicitly and unconditionally and give their consent. The following terms of use apply to the entire content of our website and the provision of our services.

Our company can modify the terms and conditions of use at any time, and users/ visitors must always check for possible changes and if they continue to use the website, it is presumed that they explicitly and unconditionally accept the modified terms and conditions. Otherwise they must refrain from using our services or visiting our website.


1. Clip News’ services are exclusively for the search of our subscribers’ information. Our services are provided upon request of our subscribers and are for personal use only.

2. Clip News does not have the copyright to the information (clips) it seeks and therefore does not have the information published in/ for public use or insertion.

3. The user of Clip News services is obliged to use our services in accordance with the law, good manners and these terms, and not perform acts or omissions that may cause copyright infringement to third parties.

4. The company in no case guarantees the uninterrupted and error-free provision of its services. Therefore the company is not responsible in any case for any deposit losses or lost profit, direct or indirect loss, decision making, execution or non-stock exchange or other investment transaction resulting from your incomplete or incorrect information.

5. In no case, anything provided to users/ visitors through our website or our services, directly or indirectly, is an encouragement, advice or prompting to carry out any investment or other transaction with a financial result, but is at the discretion of users/ visitors to evaluate what is provided to them and to act based on their private will, excluding any of our responsibility.

6. You expressly agree with the use of our services that in the event of any lawsuit, claim, administrative or judicial proceeding from any form of your own breach is brought against our website or our company, you undertake on the one hand the responsibility to intervene in the relevant court proceedings and on the other to indemnify our company or our website in the event that it is liable to pay compensation or other expenses.  


1. Press clips sent by Clip News are available to our registered subscribers strictly for personal use. Their use is prohibited, in any other electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or other medium as well as for commercial purposes, without the written permission of the owner and copyright holder. Any information sent by our company is marked with the source and indicates the copyright holder.

2. The copyrights of the publications as well as any graphic media (photos, graphs, etc.) belong exclusively to the publications that publish the information. The services and charges of Clip News are exclusively for the search of the information and are submitted to our subscribers upon their request.

3. In every printed citation mention or republishing of part of the information, including electronic media, should indicate the source of the publication and the author where they are mentioned.  


1. Clip News provides excerpts from website posts by linking them to the website that posted the information. Our company is not responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it refers through “links”, “hyperlinks” or “banner” ads, nor does it guarantee their availability. Problems that may arise during the visit/ use of the websites to which we refer, fall exclusively under the sphere of responsibility of the respective websites, to which you must address. The referral to other websites is made for the convenience of our users and in no case creates any form of commitment for anyone.


1. The responsibility for the subscriber’s connection to the Internet rests solely with them.

2. The start of your subscription begins after your written request and acceptance by our company. Your subscription as long as there is confirmation from our company starts from the next working day of your order.

3. Clip News is responsible for the electronic sending of clips until the receipt or return is confirmed to the sender.

4. Clip News does not bear any responsibility for any unforeseen events in the execution of your update (strikes, etc.)

5. Our company makes every effort and carries out checks with the latest Antivirus programme updates. However, there is no guarantee that the information sent will be free of viruses or other similar elements (such as worms, trojan horses). The recipient has the obligation and responsibility for the control of the files sent to them or the use of our website. Therefore, the company is not responsible in any case for any deposit losses or lost profit, direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the submitted files or the use of its website.

6. Acceptance of the use of the services provided by Clip News presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the terms of use of clippings and services.


1. The copyright of the content (e.g. information, data) and the services of the website www.clipnews.gr that have been or will be entered into the network by Clip News are protected by Greek, EU and international copyright laws and belong exclusively to Clip News or their respective beneficiary. Clip News makes every effort to ensure that the content and information that appears each time on the website is as accurate and true as possible, but assumes no responsibility for their reliability, completeness or timeliness.

2. Clip News provides content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations) products and services available through the website “EXACTLY AS THEY HAVE” and without any representation, approval or written warranty, formulated or assumed, subject to the guarantees of satisfactory quality, suitability, inviolability, safety and accuracy. In no case is Clip News liable for any claims of a legal or civil and / or criminal nature or for any damage (positive, special or negative, which, indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and/ or cumulatively consists in loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) from visitors of the website or third parties due to a reason related to the operation or not and/ or the use of the website and/ or inability to provide services and/ or information available from it and/ or from any unauthorized interference of third parties in products and/ or services and/ or information available through it.

3. The website may be used exclusively for legal purposes and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. The visitor is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, good manners and the present terms, and not to perform acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to it, affect or endanger the provision of Clip News services.

4. This website contains references to third party websites. Clip News is not responsible for the content of these pages as well as for any damage resulting from their use, as the visitor has access to them at their own risk.

5. Clip News does not guarantee that the operations of the website or servers will be uninterrupted or without any kind of error, free from viruses or other similar elements (such as, for example, worms, trojan horses).

6. Clip News reserves the right to modify, add, change the content or services of the website, as well as the terms of use, whenever it deems necessary and without prior notice, by simply announcing them through its website.

7. The names, images, logos and insignia representing Clip News or third parties and their products or services are the exclusive trademarks of Clip News or third parties, protected by the respective trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use.

8. Visiting the website presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the above terms.

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