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Get an overall view of all aspects of your publicity through service combos in offer, benefiting from special charges.

You combine Media Monitoring services with Reporting και Analysis (summary, analysis and executive reports) for:

  • Fast update from all media (tailor-made Media Monitoring services)
  • Condensed information on the important issues, which saves you valuable time (Media Summary)
  • Quantitative and qualitative visualisation of your references (Media Analysis)
  • Essential capture and analysis of the wider picture, with actionable insights to make strategic decisions for your presence in the media (Executive Report)

Available service packages:

Clip Premium Combo

The most complete update and analysis of your reports, from the whole range of our services.

Clip Extended Combo

Time saving, detailed information, quantitative and qualitative representation of your presence in the media.

 Clip Standard Combo

Targeted information and quantitative representation of your presence in the media.

Each package above is offered with a 20% discount on the initial prices of the services it includes.

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