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Clip News is a tech-oriented company, with an emphasis on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies and in particular how they can facilitate the management and analysis of publicity.

It has been a pioneer in all technological developments of the industry in Greece, as it is the first company to offer Internet monitoring services while through its cooperation with leading industries abroad and FIBEP members, it is able to offer you state-of-the-art technologies in monitoring and analysis services.

Clip News Portal is a platform that is constantly evolving, adding features that upgrade and automate monitoring, Reporting & Analysis and volume management services.





  • A big project that is being implemented is the automatic clustering of your clips in the Clip News Portal. With the help of technology, and through a special algorithm, articles related to the same topic will be automatically grouped. Therefore, you will spend significantly less time checking your clippings, while you will have a full sense of the range of sources mentioned in each different topic.


  • Additionally, the IT Department of Clip News is working on automatically generating a summary for each article that appears in your account. Using Machine Learning technologies again, you will be able to read a small summary of each of your articles.


  • Also, the next update in the Clip News Portal will be the automatic sentiment of your articles, a project that requires detailed and thorough work so that it can have the greatest possible accuracy.



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