Using modern and advanced methods, we offer innovative print media, internet, social media and Radio-TV monitoring services.

  Specialised reporting & analysis services, allowing you to manage, analyse and evaluate your publicity.


Monitoring services from all media sources worldwide, thanks to our reliable network of partners.


Υπηρεσίες Clip News

On a daily basis, we process all Greek print media, the most important websites, nationwide and regional TV and radio stations and the most popular social media channels to provide you all the information you need

Reporting & Analysis


Monitoring services become meaningful and valuable through quantitative and qualitative evaluation services. We help you evaluate your publicity, by configuring reporting & analysis services tailored to your needs.

Υπηρεσίες Αποδελτιώσης - Monitoring


Our experienced team of journalists informs you on a daily basis on everything you need to know. With offices both in Athens and Thessaloniki, we monitor all media sources around the clock for you.

International Services


As a member of FIBEP since 2002, we offer monitoring services from print media, internet, social media, TV and radio in more than 100 countries abroad.

Athens & Thessaloniki



Media Sources

Γιατί Clip News

We are constantly developing our media monitoring services, by implementing all the innovations in our field. With more than 25 years in the media monitoring industry, Clip News is the most reliable solution for your prompt and credible information.

Coverage of all media sources around the clock

Perfectly trained employees

Use of state-of-the-art automated systems

Applications and online platforms for easy access to your clips

Real time information through email alerts

Added value services to analyse your publicity

Worldwide monitoring services

Immediate response to any request by our Customer Service department

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A common platform that gives you access to your clips from all media sources. Ability to download your clips in different formats, create categories, insert tags, sentiment and comments, set up e-mail alerts and search filters.



User-friendly application for your mobile phone and tablet, providing you with all the features of our web portal, so that you can access your clippings anywhere you are. Available for iOS and Android.


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Specialised analysis platform for your online and social media mentions. Real time information with sentiment analysis, dashboards and graphs giving you access to key influencers and impact of your mentions


Innovative platform to record and monitor TV and radio stations, with sound to text conversion.  Information within five minutes from broadcast


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Customer Service

Immediate response to any request, within two hours


Constant update by e-mail or phone, on the progress of your request


Special email and phone line from 8am to 6pm

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