The most “romantic” day of the year once again sparked numerous online discussions among internet users, ranging from articles with gift ideas and outfit suggestions to humorous tweets. At Clip News, we decided to dive in Valentine’s online data, and our analysis led to some extremely lovey-dovey conclusions.

At a Glance

During the week of data collection and analysis (07-15/02/24), 4873 references were collected. A significant peak appeared on Valentine’s Day itself (14/02), while the days before and after (13/02 and 15/02) also received a large number of mentions.

Talk of the Cloud

The most discussed topics and hashtags on Valentine’s Day revolved around the concepts of love and affection, gifts, company giveaways, romantic destinations, as well as market reports.

Lovebirds and Gifts

Focusing on gifts, which were one of the “hot” topics in online discussions, there seems to be a slight shift in the top preferences this year. References to flowers dominate, followed by chocolates (41% and 30% respectively). Trips follow with a significant difference (11%), and jewelry, perfumes, and lingerie follow with similar percentages. Reports on what celebrities chose to give their significant others also rank high in the categories.

What’s Your Valentine’s Emoji?

How many hearts can fit into a day? Many, many hearts, in every size and shape, judging by the chart below. Emojis related to food and flowers also had their moment, as love “passes through the stomach” but also takes a stroll to the florist.

Valentine’s online data were our gift to communication and marketing professionals who wish to bolster their campaigns in the coming year -and beyond- while enjoying the benefits of Digital Listening.


Research Identity:

Data Collection Platform: Brandwatch

Timeframe: 07-15/02/24

Sources: News sites, Blogs, Forums, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Setup/Study: Clip News Team

The above analysis serves as an indicative approach, considering that any sample and timeframe differentiation may present a different perspective.