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In exclusive collaboration with Brandwatch, world leader in Digital Listening & Analysis, Clip News gives you access to a pioneering platform for real-time monitoring, evaluation and analysis of your internet and social media mentions in Greece and internationally.

The platform is fully customizable to suit your needs of capturing and analyzing publicity. It is the ideal tool to study Consumer and Reputation Insights, to do a complete Brand Management,  Campaign Tracking or Competition Analysis.


The platform collects data from the internet (news sites, forums, blogs, portals) and Social Media (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, tumblr και reddit κλπ).You have access to live data and 10-year historical data from 100 million sources worldwide, while Clip News is the only company in Greece that can guarantee you monitoring from the open content of Facebook and Instagra.


Gaining access to the platfrom, you have the following capabilities:

  • Free search with any key word you wish 
  • Predetermined search with key words that you already created


1.Searches can be done with boolean search for greater convenience and accurate results.

2. You have the capability to search key words in current or historical data.


Through fully customizable dashboards you get a complete picture of your publicity, using data visualization, with graphs, pies, tables and many insights. Indicatively:

Influencers: Find out who is talking about you and your competition and their real impact

Key Trends: See which mentions have the most “mobility” in the digital communities, in which discussions references are made to the issues that concern you and what is the general feeling of the audience

Word Cloud: Word/ phrase visualization concerning your topics

Sentiment: Automatic sentiment recognition system for every mention

Insights: Volume, Sentiment, History, Impressions, Impact, Reach, Outreach, Influence, Likes, Comments, Shares, Interactions, Top Tweets, Main Topics, Top Hashtags, Top Emoticons, Most Mentioned Tweeters


You can add channels that interest you on Twitter and Facebook in order to follow your own insights. Receive information about the people who interact with you, the posts that have the best impact and the time/ day they are published, in order to optimize your online presence.


Prevent any crisis before it breaks out. With the smart alerting system, the platform notifies you in case the volume of your reports increases beyond the normal, in case words or topics that interest you appear or in case there are significant changes in the sentiment of your mentions.


The service is charged monthly based on the number of mentions the searches you specify will bring.

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