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In exclusive cooperation with Brandwatch, world leader in Digital Listening & Analysis, Clip News gives you access to an innovative platform for real time monitoring, evaluation and analysis of your internet and social media references in Greece and abroad.

The platform is fully configurable, in order to adjust to your personal publicity depiction and analysis needs. It is the ideal tool in order to study Consumer and Reputation Insights and extract a complete Brand Management, Campaign Tracking or Competition Analysis.


The platform collects internet information (news sites, forums, blogs, portals) and Social Media information (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Reddit etc). You can access live data and information going 10 years back from 100 million sources worldwide, whereas Clip News is the only company in Greece that can guarantee you monitoring from open Facebook and Instagram content.


By accessing the platform, you can choose to:

  • Run a search for any keyword you wish
  • Run a search for keywords you have already created


1. Search can be performed with boolean search for more ease and result accuracy.

2. You have the option to search your keywords in current or historical data.


Fully configurable dashboards give you an integrated picture of your publicity through data, with graphs, pies, tables and numerous insights. Example:

Influencers: Trace those who chat about you and your competition and their true impact

Key Trends: Check references with the highest “mobility” in digital communities, chats referring to subjects you find interesting and the feeling of the general public

Word Cloud: Depiction of words/ phrases that are related to your subjects

Sentiment: Automatic system of recognition of the sentiment that each reference leaves.

Insights: Volume, Sentiment, History, Impressions, Impact, Reach, Outreach, Influence, Likes, Comments, Shares, Interactions, Top Tweets, Main Topics, Top Hashtags, Top Emoticons, Most Mentioned Tweeters


You have the option to add Twitter and Facebook channels you are interested in and monitor your insights. You receive information about the people interacting with you and time-stamped posts with the highest impact in order to optimize your online presence.


Prevent a crisis before it breaks. With its smart alerting system, the platform warns you in case the number of your references exceeds the anticipated one, in case words or subjects you are interested in come up or in case there is significant change in the sentiment of your references.


The service has a monthly charge based on the number of references collected from the searches you will set.

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