Digital Listening

The internet and social media are an endless source of information. Opinions, needs and desires of the public are now expressed online and may experience an explosive spread among users.

In order to provide products, services and content based on the needs of the consumer public, to be informed about the movements of your competition and to have a complete picture of the common feeling towards you, the Digital Listening service is necessary.


Digital Listening is defined as the free or predetermined search for references (words, phrases or even hashtags or general topics) on Online media, i.e. the internet and social media.
In other words, Digital Listening includes internet monitoring services and Social Media monitoring services.


Digital Listening the only way to monitor, prevent and react to public opinion, as reflected in online media. Digital Listening services are usually run through smart platforms, like the Brandwatch Online Analytics Platform, which offer a wide variety of features in addition to simply recording your data and giving you access to real-time consumer insights.


By using Digital Listening you can:

  • Locate the discussions that interest you
  • Monitor and analyze the public’s opinion and your competition
  • Determine the general feeling (sentiment) of the audience (key trends)
  • Identify and attract new audiences and new consumer trends
  • Improve your online image
  • Predict and react to every possible crisis in time
  • Evaluate consumer behavior to design successful strategies
  • Track the influencers most suited for you
  • Place your message in the correct framework
  • You have access to insights like Volume, Sentiment, History, Impressions, Impact, Reach, Outreach, Influence, Likes, Comments, Shares, Interactions, Top Tweets, Main Topics, Top Hashtags, Top Emoticons, Most Mentioned Tweeters