The Organisation of Collective Management of Copyright (OSDEL) announced the beginning of the “AdYA” programme (Monitoring Services Licencing).

Through this programme, all involved parties can operate legally, respecting the work and investment of media players and employees in Greece. Both the companies offering monitoring services and their clients, the end users of clippings, can legalise their activity by obtaining a necessary licence from OSDEL.

Clip News was among the first companies to receive such a licence.

OSDEL President and Law Library editor Antonis Karatzas stated: “Fulfilling its role as an Organisation of Collective Management, OSDEL presents the AdYA programme (Monitoring Services Licencing) to cover a huge gap in the print media monitoring market. OSDEL’s aim all along has been to defend the work and investments of people who produce written work and to offer practical solutions to those who, in order to cover their corporate, education and other needs, wish to legally use such products. Our target and desire is to facilitate the businesses through the AdYA programme by ensuring their legal access to press clippings, while rewarding the beneficiaries”.

Clip News CEO Theofilos Argyriadis stated: “We are glad that OSDEL is closing a huge gap regarding copyright in Greece regarding the digitalisation and processing of content from newspapers and magazines. It is an important development that allows monitoring companies to provide their much needed services under a new institutional framework, and the recipients of these services to reproduce the clips they receive without obstacles. We hope that OSDEL’s effort will continue and it will include all print media publishers”.

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About Clip News:

Clip News has been active in the collection and management of clips since 1992, with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. It provides monitoring services from Print media, the Internet, the Social Media, the Radio and the TV, as well as publicity analysis and reporting services. Since 2002, the company has been a member of the International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies (FIBEP), providing monitoring services from all over the world.  

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