Clip News International Department Manager, Eva Karasmani, has been appointed Head for Southern & Western Europe in the MIBE Commission of FIBEP.​

In recent years, the goal of FIBEP and its members has been the continuous promotion of the Media Intelligence Business Ecosystem (MIBE). This ecosystem includes key pillars that are interconnected and form the foundation of the Media Intelligence industry: Monitoring & Analysis companies, PR & Marketing companies, journalists, publishers and content providers, technology and software companies, online platforms, educational institutions, and universities.

It is a great honour and joy to participate in this FIBEP commission, which is comprised of esteemed professionals with the common goal of continuing to spread the concept of Media Intelligence. As a member of FIBEP, Clip News chooses various ways to convey to the market the value of Media Intelligence services as the best option for fully understanding and analysing a company’s or brand’s presence in the public sphere,” says Ms Karasmani.

Clip News has been a member of FIBEP since 2002, contributing to the Association’s work in various capacities and hosting the FIBEP World Congress in Thessaloniki in 2011. This year, Clip News is the Host Sponsor of the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress, which will be held in Cyprus from October 23-25, 2024.