Clip News SA, the top monitoring company in Greece, completes 25 years of operation and celebrates with a renewed brand identity and a unique offer for new and old subscribers!

For 25 years, Clip News has been delivering consistently high-quality monitoring services for both print media and new technologies. True to its values, it has continuously introduced innovative services and tools of specialized technology, aiming at reliable and timely provision of services. In the context of continuous progress, Clip News introduces a new logo and corporate identity. It remains your most reliable partner in Press Release, Internet, Social Media, Radio and Television, as well as in Analysis, Reporting and International Media Assessment Services in Greece and abroad.

To celebrate 25 years of age, Clip News offers a free extension of the duration of each new six-month or annual subscription contract by 25%, with additional subscription time. Stay up-to-date for more time, enjoying the privileges of Clip News’s render services.

The company’s new logo is minimal and geometric, with fresh mood and vibrant, dynamic colors that correspond to the three main areas of activity: Monitoring Services, Reporting & Analysis and International Monitoring. Clip News also renewed its website ( and presented a brand new Mobile Application for iOS and Android so that its subscribers can access their clippings wherever they are, enjoying the same capabilities as the platform of Clip News.

“Clip News is a company that is constantly changing and modernizing, as it closely monitors developments in the field of media at local and global level. We focus on innovative Monitoring Services that serve information and analysis needs at all levels. On the occasion of its 25 years of operation, Clip News renews its image to reflect its dynamic growth”, said company president, Theofilos Argyriadis.

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