Clip News, a leading monitoring agency in Greece, will participate in the 49th World Media Intelligence Congress organised by the International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies (FIBEP) that will take place in Berlin on 4-6 October.

With over 225 participants from the communication, marketing, PR and technology sector from all over the world, the WMIC17 will focus on Media Intelligence and Brand Communication, while special emphasis will be placed on the issue of Fake News and Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, the congress will focus on data analysis, a field which Clip News has invested in with a specialised Analysis and Reporting department in order to help its subscribers analyse and evaluate the information they receive through Print, Internet, Social Media, Radio and TV monitoring services.

Clip News CEO Theofilos Argyriadis, Business Manager Katerina Kechagia and International Manager Irene Lalidou will represent Clip News at the WMIC17.

FIBEP is the world’s largest media intelligence federation with over 120 members, while Clip News was the first Greek company to join in 2002. Since then, Clip News has been participating in the congresses and meetings FIBEP organises, with the aim to stay up to date regarding the latest developments in the media monitoring sector and implement innovative solutions and services for its subscribers.

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