«Running with the news!»

For the fourth consecutive year, Clip News SA, a leading media monitoring company, supports the 6th International Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon as a media sponsor. The evenrt is organised by “MEAS Triton” on Saturday 14 October in Thessaloniki. Moreover, the entire Clip News team will participate in the 5-klm race under the moto “Running with the news!”

Clip News supports the event, offering monitoring services from print media, internet, social media, radio and TV.

Moreover, with the aim to promote the athletic spirit, the company sponsors the participation of its employees in the race. With the slogan “Running with the news!”, employees and executives of the company will participate in the 5-kilometre long race.

“For the fourth consecutive year, Clip News supports this great sport event of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. The participation of our employees is increasing each year, which makes us very happy, since our effort to promote the sports spirit is bearing fruit”, said Clip News CEO Theofilos Argyriadis.

About Clip News:

Clip News has been active in the collection and management of clips since 1992, with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. It provides monitoring services from Print media, the Internet, the Social Media, the Radio and the TV, as well as publicity analysis and reporting services. Since 2002, the company has been a member of the International Federation of Press Clipping Agencies (FIBEP), providing monitoring services from all over the world.

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