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Clip News is an exclusive partner of TVEyes, a leading US company in the field of audiovisual (Radio & TV) monitoring. In 2012, Clip News and TVEyes formed the Greek dictionary for the monitoring of Greek television and radio stations.

Through months of research and technologically advanced tools, Clip News and TVEyes created the VoiceToText software that converts the sound of TV and Radio into text, with the help of which Monitoring is done.

With the TVeyes platform you will have exclusive advantages such as:

  • Updates within 5 minutesfrom the moment of transmission
  • Power Search for free search of any information you want in all the stations we monitor
  • Date/Time Search to search the schedule of all stations based on the day and time of transmission
  • Live Channels for real time access to every stations’ we monitor schedule
  • Email alert to be updated wherever you are
  • Access to over 1.000 TV & Radio stations worldwide
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