Demo Trial

Clip News offers you the ability of trying its services for free without any additional strains

The demo trial of our services has the following characteristics:


Duration of 7 days


Delivery of clips through our web portal


Monitoring of all media available

To get your free demo please fill out the form

All fields marked * are necessary

Keywords to be monitored
Please write down the subjects you would like us to monitor and we will contact you for further details in order to define the keywords for the monitoring services

Terms – Conditions
The free demo can only cover one subject. In case you write down more than one, we will take into consideration the first one

The free demo is available only for companies or professionals

Before launching the free demo we will contact you by phone

The free demo cannot cover occasional topic (such as press releases, events etc)

Clip News has the right to deny a free demo request

By completing and sending the form you accept the terms and conditions of the free trial


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