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Our experienced team offers integrated print media monitoring services from Greek, Cypriot and international media. Clip News creates a personalised monitoring profile for each subscriber, based on their needs.

Print media monitoring is carried out by experienced readers, in combination with an automated system of keyword search. The Media Monitoring Department of Clip News employs journalists with excellent training and the ability to read “between the lines” and locate the news you are interested in. Furthermore, the OCR technology, which converts image into text, enables automatic searches based on the use of keywords.

Media Monitoring - Clip News
Internet Monitoring - Clip News
Internet Monitoring - Clip News

Clip News has been a pioneer in online media monitoring services, as it was the first company to offer such services in Greece. Today, we cover more than 20,000 websites, forums and blogs from Greek and Cypriot online media and we provide you with Internet monitoring services at a very low cost.

Clip News uses a combination of many technologies for online monitoring, in order to offer the most comprehensive Internet monitoring service to its subscribers. Internet monitoring is taking place through an automated monitoring system that Clip News has developed, as well as with the use of high-end technological solutions from abroad.

Furthermore, manual search of the web is carried out by our Internet Clipping department, in order to meet targeted needs of our clients and provide the best quality of services.

Social Media Monitoring - Clip News

Social media have a dominant place in spreading news and keeping track of social mentions is necessary. Clip News offers a service that not only picks up your mentions on the most important social media platforms, but also analyses their impact, providing you with significant qualitative and quantitative data.

We monitor the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and we provide real time information about social media discussions, with additional information such as: Influencers, Trending Topics, Impressions, Impact etc.

Through our monitoring platform, you are able to interact directly with social media users, in order to reply, share or like a post.

Furthermore, Clip News offers you a monitoring and evaluation tool of your own social media accounts, in order to have a complete picture about your social media presence.

Social Media Monitoring - Clip News
Radio & TV - Clip News
TV & Radio Monitoring - Clip News

Clip News offers an innovative platform for broadcast monitoring, which records over 1,000 channels in more than 18 countries worldwide. We created the Greek vocabulary for the voice to text software, with an accuracy that exceeds 80%. In combination with our experienced staff, we ensure an excellent service, without false results.

Radio and TV monitoring is carried out with the use of keywords and a personalised search profile for every subscriber. Every day, 24 hours a day, we record 25 national and regional TV and radio stations in Greece.

The unique Radio and TV monitoring service that Clip News offers informs you about your mentions within five minutes from broadcast, while it allows you to search for anything you like in our one-month archive.

Innovative Monitoring and Analysis Platforms - Clip News

We offer you two innovative platforms in order to cover both your media monitoring needs and to further analyse your mentions.

Through our integrated portal, you have access to the monitoring services from all media sources. You can set up email alerts in order to be informed as soon as a new mention is picked up and you can also process your clippings (tag, sentiment, comment) or save them in several formats. Furthermore, you can create your own categories and reports, you can search your clippings and you can send them via email to many recipients.

Access to your clippings is available through our user-friendly and carefully designed Mobile Application, available for iOS and Android.

Furthermore, we have a specialised platform for the analysis of your mentions on the Internet and Social Media. Our platform allows you to access online discussions in real time and it also provides sentiment analysis. In addition, it helps you locate key influences and the impact of every mention and user. All information is presented in dashboards and graphics. Moreover, you can monitor your own social media accounts, receiving feedback about those who interact with you and about what kind of your actions have the greatest impact.

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