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Our company’s main objective is to offer its employees a feeling of safety and security, as well as the conditions that form a pleasant and creative working environment.

Our philosophy in Clip News is that we are a big family, with a common vision, common ambitions and goals. We always encourage creativity and listen to the ideas of our employees. The average age of our employees does not exceed 30 years. As a result, we are a team that works perfectly in harmony to implement new and fresh ideas.

We are looking for young people with a creative spirit that want to work as a team. We want people we can trust.

If you want to join us, you can complete the following application form and send us your CV.

Job opportunities within the company’s departments:

International Department
It is the department that processes and translates in English the clippings we send to our international subscribers.

To apply for a job you need a Diploma of Proficiency in English or an English language University degree. Very good knowledge of MS Office and fast typing are also necessary skills for this department. A degree in journalism is considered an asset.

Reporting Department
It is the department that processes and analyses the publicity of our subscribers, drafting news reports.

Apply for a position at this department if you meet the following preconditions: degree in Journalism, analytic way of thinking and very good knowledge of MS Office. Very good knowledge of English is considered an asset.

Monitoring Department
It is the department that processes print media (newspapers and magazines) through computer sofware. Working at the Monitoring Department means that you come to work very early in the morning at the headquarters of our company in Thessaloniki.

Candidates for this department need to have a diploma in Journalism and good computer skills.

IT Department
It is the department that is responsible for all the information systems of the company and the Data Room.

To apply for a job you should be a graduate of Computer Sciences, with skills on networks, databases and programming.

Sales Department
In order to apply for a position at the Sales Department, you must have at least two-years of experience in a relevant post.

Accounting Department
Apply for a position at the Accounting Department if you have a relevant diploma and prior work experience.

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