Clip News is pleased to announce that the company’s VP Media Intelligence, Katerina Kechagia, was nominated and voted Vice President at the recent annual conference of World’s Media Intelligence Association (FIBEP). “I am excited to continue to be among our esteemed industry professionals from around the world, working with them to highlight issues of concern to our companies and our subscribers. We provide Media Intelligence services to both the Greek and Cypriot markets and we will continue our efforts to ensure that every subscriber –potential and existing– understands the overall benefits they can gain,”, Ms Kechagia notes.

However, this is not the only important news.

Clip News at FIBEP’s World Media Intelligence Congress 2023 held in Singapore presented the country it is proposing for the Association’s congress next year. The proposal was for Cyprus and was accepted.

“We are very pleased that our proposal was warmly accepted and at the right time, as we are completing one year of presence in the Cypriot market. We believe that the organisation of such an event in Cyprus will contribute positively to the already very good cooperation that Clip News maintains with its subscribers there”, Ms Kechagia stresses.

As a member of FIBEP since 2002, Clip News is aligned with the objectives of the body and reinforces them, actively participating in initiatives, conferences and, in recent years, in the dissemination of the term “Media Intelligence” in the market as the future of Media Monitoring and Analysis services.

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