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Clip News Portal is an innovative, easy-to-use and comprehensive tool, through which subscribers have access to monitoring services from all media, as well as a number of possibilities for managing the volume of data.

Clip News’ Portal offers a number of choices to its subscribers:

  • Login with separate codes for multiple users
  • Clips displayed on icons (tiles) or table
  • Filters for clip browsing:
    • Medium
    • Source
    • Date
  • Create categories, to group clippings according to your needs
  • Tagging capabilities
  • Sentiment Analysis (positive, neutral, negative)
  • Download to various formats
    • Word with clickable links
    • Word with images of mentions
    • Excel
    • Pdf
    • Xml
  • Send clips via email through Clip News’ Portal to as many recipients as you wish
  • Email alerts to be updated anywhere, anytime. Set the hours you want and receive to your email all the information without having to login to the platform

An innovation of the Clip News Portal is the ability to inform you immediately about your most important clippings. Using Machine Learning technology and through a special algorithm developed by Clip News, the system identifies the most basic snippets by combining objective criteria with your own preferences when editing your snippets. In this way the system learns what you consider important and presents it to you, taking into account factors that determine the value of each mention.

Finally, Clip News Clip allows you to automatically create reports with graphs and pies, with the quantitative data of your publicity.

Clip News is tirelessly working on new technologies (clustering, automatic sentiment etc.) that can be applied to Clip News’ Portal, with the aim of saving you time and making the information you receive smarter and substantial.


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