On December 13, 2023, communication, public relations, and marketing professionals gathered in the Athena Hall of the Wyndham Grand Athens Hotel, to participate in the 17th Corporate Communication Conference, powered by Boussias. The event’s central theme was the rise of artificial intelligence in the PR industry, with Clip News being one of the sponsors.

Among the distinguished participants and highly engaging speakers from Greece and abroad, Clip News Marketing Manager, Niki Axioti, delivered a speech titled “Revolutionizing PR: AI-Enhanced Media Analysis for Future-Ready Communications.” The focal point of the presentation revolved around how the combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise in Media Analysis elevates communication strategies, offering immediate and in-depth insights. It was particularly highlighted that the fusion of artificial and human intelligence provides measurable results and highly accurate predictions, enabling public relations professionals and marketers to craft narratives based on genuine and reliable data. Moreover, it was emphasized that this synergy of AI and analysts’ expertise not only streamlines workflow but also paves the way for strategic decision-making and the maintenance of brand reputation and business credibility.

Throughout the conference, queries had been addressed fostering dialogue among participants and speakers, while networking opportunities were also utilized during break intervals.


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