Clip News was present for another year at the FIBEP’s World Media Intelligence Congress.

The conference was held in person in Dublin (September 14-16) under the theme “Media Intelligence – Insights during unrest” while a multitude of events and networking sessions took place parallel to the main program. Clip News was among the event’s sponsors, represented by its CEO, Theofilos Argyriadis, VP of Media Intelligence & Marketing, Katerina Kechagia, and Manager of the International Department, Aglaia Varlami.

More than 200 industry professionals with a live and online presence discussed and sought new perspectives and ways to address challenges and improve practices.

New tools and technologies in the field of communication, case studies on the use of actionable insights through data analysis, and hybrid marketing tactics that derive from the added value of the monitoring and analyses services were some of the issues that were discussed. Also, for the first time in FIBEP’s history, representatives of authors and publishers participated in the congress, giving their views on copyright trends.

The work of the FIBEPmibe Commission was also addressed, underlining the necessity of raising awareness regarding the Media Intelligence ecosystem. Clip News is particularly proud that the company’s VP, Ms. Kechagia, participates in this commission as Head for Southern & Western Europe. “The meeting with friends and notable professionals was pleasant and fruitful after two years of strict restrictions and digital conferences. This year’s event was exemplary, and we are happy to have supported it as sponsors”, Ms. Kechagia stated.

Clip News returned from Dublin full of positive energy and ideas that will be incorporated to its fully personalized services.

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